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Texas Association for Food Protection | TAFP


2018 TAFP Officers

Cindy Anderson


Ann Bauer

Vice President

Dr. Alex Castillo


Pat Albarado


Our Mission

Welcome to the Texas Association for Food Protection website. TAFP is a state affiliate to the International Association for Food Protection, IAFP.  The IAFP mission statement is to provide food safety professionals worldwide with a forum to exchange information on protecting the food supply. As a state affiliate, TAFP has incorporated the IAFP mission statement as a primary goal and mission at the local level.

Our Goal

It is our goal as an organization to help facilitate dialogue and information concerning food safety to a wide variety of individuals. The food industry touches each and every one of us as consumers. It is our vision as stakeholders in this great industry, that we share and encourage each other  in promoting food safety.

Our Passion

The nation's largest employer is agriculture, with more than 21 million people involved in some phase. The Texas food and agricultural industry has an annual economic impact of $115 billion on our state's economy. Texas Association for Food Protection has a membership base of educators, food industry supply companies, government officials, producers and farmers, food transportation companies, food manufactures, and other food related entities.


We cordially invite those with an interest in this great industry to join us at TAFP!